Our collection is acknowledged for features like :

  • Excellent flowering
  • Free from insecticides and pesticides
  • Varied shapes
  • Environment friendly
  • Used for decorative and other purposes
  • Evergreen foliage
  • Ornamental looks

Value Added Services

Apart from supplying a wide range of flowering plants, fruit plants,foliage plants, ornamental plants, palm plants and trees, we also offer certain value added services to our clients where in we provide appropriate planting tips to our clients.  A team of horticulturist is working as consulting panel that interacts with our clients and try to understand their requirements and problems in a better way. These provide valuable information for cultivation,

which includes :

  • Type of soil to be used while planting
  • Maintaining appropriate temperature conditions
  • Life cycle
  • Amount of water to be supplied
  • Spacing of the saplings
  • Proper gardening steps and many more
To make the world a better place for us & future generations by greening the world.

A tree life of 50 years produces oxygen, absorbs co2, provides timber, provides rainfall, provides shelter for other species, bears fruit, reduces temperature. So, every person in this world must plant atleast 1 plant per year on his/her birthday.

• developing good plants and revive rare species.

  • To reduce global warming
  • To increase rainfall
  • To create better living place
Trees were the 1st living being on our planet & today they are being wiped out causing imbalance to our planet's roots & foundation.